Our Response

to COVID-19


Coronavirus Update


It has been many months since we first closed Horseshoe Cottage Farm and Bradgate Caravan Site due to Coronavirus pandemic.


We are small and rural so, there is naturally, less chance of coming into contact with lots of people.

In line with the government advice, we opened both sites in the Spring 2021.

Following our closure, we have been working hard to provide flexibility to guests whose bookings have been cancelled.  We are very grateful for the patience and understanding everyone has shown.

We have used the time to look at areas where we can improve and how we can make your stay safe.


We have painted, sanded, planted and revamped. And as we are so lucky to live in this beautiful area, we have explored and found even more special places for you to visit.

But we have missed you, our guests – discussions over breakfast and afternoon tea, chatting with people and booking our favourite restaurants for you.

So how did we get back to a world of welcoming guests again?  It goes without saying that yours and our health and safety is priority. We adjusted our ways of doing things and took measures to the next level so that guests continue to have confidence that they are safe as can be.

We opened a new sitting room which means we can have more than one group staying at any one time if people wish they can stay seperate  There are two entrance doors and breakfast can be served in these rooms to ensure guests safety if desired. 

However, there is a balance to strike, and it is important that we carry out our adjustments in a way that is true to who we are and what we believe in. Now, more than ever, people need the time and space to be at their happiest and most relaxed but feel confident that the everything has been done to protect them.


We have always promoted the health benefits of time outdoors – and never has this been more valid. We have also worked very hard on our sustainability – for instance reducing our use of plastics and so we are trying to ensure that ‘plastic wrapped’ isn’t the default in the ‘New’ world for us.

We are still shaping exactly what our adjustments look like and what it will mean as guidelines are constantly altered and updated.

For now, we hope all is calm and well in your households and look forward to welcoming you back to Leicestershire when the time is right for you.

View our COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Good Practice

We are following all government guidelines and have been actively watching industry best practice via key tourism bodies and specialists as they develop their strategies.


We have completed and passed two COVID-19 assessments for the hospitality industry - AA and Visit Britain. Please note that the guidance is changing constantly so, the following guidelines may continue to be adjusted as this is updated.

Guests are encouraged to scan the NHS track and trace QR code upon arrival. This will be available at each entrance to the property.


We will share as much information as possible to provide assurance and transparency:

  • Our health and hygiene policy will be continuously updated 

  • Our booking and cancellation policies will be flexible



Our usual high cleaning standards have been updated to include a new risk-based approach and all team members are trained accordingly.

  • Hand sanitiser, will be available and visible at the entrance to the B&B and breakfast areas for your use but hand washing with soap and water is encouraged.


For many, breakfast is the highlight of a stay at Horseshoe Cottage Farm and we intend to ensure that we maintain our leisurely, local vibe. We will take all necessary measures to deliver minimum contact, ensure hygiene standards and social distancing but without losing the ambiance.

  • Breakfast service will all be offered as a la carte. We will not be able to offer a buffet service with sharing plates or bowls but items such as granola and fruit will be offered on the menu – with options on portion size

  • Breakfast orders will be taken the night before (changes can be made the next morning if desired)


Sitting Rooms

We now have two separate sitting rooms which means guests can be independent from other groups at Horseshoe Cottage Farm.


Checking In & Out

  • There will be the usual warm welcome but none of the formalities. We will always be happy to carry your bags for you but please note that we will clean our hands before and afterwards.

  • We request that masks are still worn indoors

  • We will be using two separate entrance doors for the time being.

  • We ask that you wash or sanitise your hands on arrival as per the guidelines from PHE.

  • We will continue to offer you a tea and cakes or scones on arrival.

  • We will try and manage arrival times to ensure social distancing is maintained.

  • We will only accept non contactless payment via BACS/internet banking 


There will be no cancellation charge, however short notice is given, if proof of Covid-19 infection is provided for you or a member of your party or if you or they have been quarantined due to exposure to the virus.


Guest & Staff Health

  • It is essential that if you or any of your party are unwell, self isolating or are demonstrating any Covid 19 symptoms (fever, cough, loss of smell) that you do NOT travel.

  • Please let us know if you are worried about your symptoms ahead of your stay and we will move your booking to a future date to suit you.

  • We may check your temperature on arrival and if you are showing symptoms of a fever, we will ask you to please head back home.

  • If you develop symptoms during your stay, we ask that you immediately head home to self-isolate and seek a test. Your room will then be left for 72 hours before cleaning.

  •  Staff have been asked to not come to work and to self-isolate if they or any of their family have any sign of symptoms.

If you have any further questions on our policies and procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us.