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Green Issues

Reducing our Carbon Footprint



At Horseshoe Cottage Farm we take environmental issues very seriously.  After all, we are situated in such a beautiful spot in the heart of Leicestershire we feel it’s our duty to look after it!

As part of our commitment to green issues we were part of GTBS (Green Tourism) and attained their highest award of gold.  We have chosen not to be part of their scheme now but still maintain exceptionally high standards. We are now part of Responsible Travel and Wild and Green Escapes.

Here is a brief summary of our key environmentally friendly policies:

  • We try and source our food locally, reducing food miles and like to cook what is in season.

  • We compost garden and kitchen waste

  • We use Fair Trade products when no local item is available

  • We have locally produced organic toiletries in all bathrooms

  • We encourage wildlife and birds into the garden

  • We are trying to reduce our usage of fossil fuels all the time.

  • We have solar panels to heat the water for your bathrooms

  • We have low energy bulbs where possible

  • We collect roof water to use in the greenhouse and garden tubs

  • We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, tins and plastic reducing our landfill by 60%.

  • We change your sheets and towels every 3 days unless you wish otherwise

  • We only use eco-friendly cleaning products

  • We line dry washing all year round (no tumble dryer on site)

  • We have double glazing throughout and high insulation of walls, floors and roofs.

  • We have a 4 KW display of solar PV panels

  • We have a biomass boiler.

  • We have an electric vehicle charging point for guests use (charged at current Tariff rate).


and best of all...


There is so much to do without even going out in the car!


Just put your boots on and explore the most beautiful park in Leicestershire – Bradgate Park, or stroll round Swithland Woods.


Whatever the time of year it is a truly wonderful place with fantastic views of the county from Old John.


Your host Linda has lived here all her life, so has extensive knowledge of the whole area and plenty of excellent walk or cycle route recommendations. ...It’s all on the doorstep!

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